Update section now launched on Homestrings.com

Over the past 8 months, Homestrings has been conducting interviews and surveys with our members to better understand how we can improve the investor experience. As a result we will be revamping our Investment Sheets on the catalog. The first stage of this transformational overhaul is the addition of an “Update” section, located at the top of the Investment Sheet.

Benefits of the “Update’ section include :

Easier access to relevant information for each investment opportunity (e.g. webinars, blogs, news articles)
    Improved communication from projects and funds
    Quicker updates from Homestrings Team on the latest happenings

We will be adding the updates systematically, so don’t worry if you don’t see them on all of the investment opportunities immediately!

Homestrings is committed to delivering you a quality product and we take your feedback seriously. We continue to urge you to send us your comments and suggestions on how we can improve your user experience – email us at service@homestrings.com

Homestrings Staff

Homestrings Staff

Homestrings staff provide fresh content on different topics of interest covering frontier and emerging markets such as infrastructure, oil and mining, real estate, agriculture, mobile money, remittances etc. The information is curated from major news portals focused on Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe as well as major international news outlets such as Bloomberg or Reuters.

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