The requirements to list and raise capital on Homestrings


Homestrings is changing the way entrepreneurs and projects are raising capital across frontier markets.

The traditional Private Placement process was built on relationships, personal introductions, and face-to-face meetings, not hype. Issuers utilizing crowdfunding must build trust with investors in order to make investment transactions happen.

Do you have an interesting project and want to raise capital using Homestrings? Or are you an investor who’s interested in how we select projects on Homestrings?

The investment opportunities listed on Homestrings have gone through a rigorous due diligence process to ensure that the projects listed are well-vetted, investable opportunities for our member investors.

Below are the questions we ask potential project promoters about the investment opportunity. If you’re interested in raising capital through Homestrings, feel free to contact our products team at

The questions project promoters are expected to answer as part of the due diligence process.

  1. Briefly describe your project or business (please provide Fact Sheet or teaser, if available)
    1. Outline the make-up of the business and a history of the company
    2. Detail your investment investment strategy. Why will you succeed?
    3. What is the market landscape?
    4. Does your business have an Environment, Social, or Governance Impact?
  1. How much funding are you seeking?
    1. How much funding has been received? (Provide details on existing investors)
    2. How will funds being raised be utilized?
  1. What type of investment vehicle are you issuing?
    1. Do you require assistance in developing the financial structuring?
    2. What is the projected return for investors?
    3. What is the tenure of the investment?
  1. What is the time frame for funding requirements?
  1. What are key risks facing your business?
    1. What risks does the industry face?
  1. What process/procedure is in place to mitigate risk?
  2. Do you have a guarantee from any agency or organization?
  3. Have you completed a thorough Due Diligence in the past 12 months?
    1. Are you willing and able to proceed with a Due Diligence from process?

We will also require a number of documents and materials. These may include :

  1. Corporate documents for Company and Subsidiaries
  2. Private Placement Memorandum
  3. 3-year most recent financial statements for the firm (if available)
  4. Management Discussion and Analysis
    1. Explain in plain English what the numbers mean how investors should consider them.
  5. Employees and related parties

If you feel that your investment opportunity can fit the above criteria, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team at

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