Investments: Green Bonds Have a Bright Future in Morocco

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Casablanca — Youssef Rouissi, Deputy Director of Corporate and Investment Banking at Attijariwafa Bank, says green bonds have great potential in Morocco.

Green bonds, a newer term in the banking industry, are bonds created to fund environment or climate-related projects.

Investors who want to diversify their investments will see great potential in green bonds. This new asset classification also has the benefit of helping the country in its energy transition.

In an interview with L’Economiste, Attijariwafa Bank Deputy Director of Corporate and Investment Banking Youssef Rouissi explains why these bonds could be important for the future of the country.

In reference to the Green Bond guide recently released by the AMMC (the Moroccan Financial Market Authority), Rouissi believes that it will allow investors and issuers to benefit from a precise and detailed approach. The guide offers information about requirements and best practices and clarifies stakeholder roles.

Prior to any issue, says Rouse, all green bonds must be certified by internationally recognized organizations. The certification is important in order to prove the project’s legitimacy and its environmental impact.

In addition to a financial and profitability assessment, “donors make an accurate and detailed assessment of the environmental aspects of the green projects they fund,” Rouissi told L’Economiste.

As Morocco moves to more sustainable energy sources, we can expect to see green bonds playing a more important role in Moroccan finance and investments.


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